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Past Speakers


John Stossel
Co-anchor for the ABC News show 20/20

Dr. Ralph Ferrante
Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Global Brands

Etan Ayalon
Founder and Managing Director of GlobalTech Research

Bing Gordon
Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Electronic Arts

Jeff Citron
Chairman of Vonage

Michael Kramer
CFO of Abercrombie & Fitch

John Thain
CEO of New York Stock Exchange

Lewis Ranieri
Chairman of Computer Associates

Rob Glaser
Founder of Real Networks

Robert Hormats
Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs International

Warren Buffett
CEO of Berkshire Hathaway

Wendy Kopp
Founder & CEO of Teach for America

Gerald Levin
Former CEO of AOL Time Warner

Jay Walker
Founder of Priceline

Dr. William Haseltime
Founder of Human Genome Sciences

Bob Parsons
CEO of GoDaddy.com

John Pepper
Former Chairman & CEO of Proctor & Gamble

Jeff Taylor
Founder of Monster.com

Anthony Perkins
Founder, Chairman, & Editor-in-Chief of Red Herring Communications

Bill Drayton
Founder of Ashoka

Donna Dubinsky
Founder of Handspring

Michael Milken

Diane Von Furstenberg
Founder of DVF